*Please note we cannot allow pets  thank you for your understanding.
no outside Alcohol, Glass bottles, or BBQ's

In the 1920's, Bill Thompson, Sheriff of Clark County, Washington purchased land in Brush Prairie which is now known as Alderbrook Park. He was the first to realize the uniqueness of this charmed place, hidden in the forest. One of his first projects as owner was to build the lake, that is now the crowned jewel of this amazing park.

Forty years later, the land was acquired by Jim Hessler, who took the park from a hidden jewel into a world class destination for Corporate Picnics. Mr. Hessler fulfilled his dream and built over the next ten years, a park similar to the way you see it today. He was a man with a vision and his was able to create a magical place in the forest for both young and old alike. In the park's hay-day, not only was it filled each weekend with Corporate picnics but it also housed a successful Restaurant situated over Salmon Creek. This was a five star restaurant with outdoor dining, dancing, and a big band Orchestra for guests enjoyment. Unfortunately, the Restaurant was destroyed in a fire in the late 70's and was never rebuilt. Today, Pavilion 4 is all that remains of the original Restaurant.

Throughout the years, the park fell into disrepair and found itself on the Auction floor in 2005 when two local businessmen purchased it and began the process of returning the park to its former glory. Their hope for the park is for it to "re-capture" the attention of the public and make it once again the "Premiere" picnic spot in the Pacific Northwest for the Local business's of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon.